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Costs: 30,- € p.P.

reduced*: 20,- €

Growing Atelier Tour


Bilder sagen mehr als Worte -

- Gärten sagen mehr als Bilder

Discover the flexibility of growing trees and the possibilities

that are offered to us to create pieces of art out of them.

In addition to the pieces that are still being shaped and going to be harvested, living benches, fences and sculptures that are supposed to survive for several decades are growing in this permanent exhibition. A feeling for this living art is conveyed in a dialogue with the artist during the tour. Part of the tour are background information on the techniques of individual pieces, insights into the development of the growing Atelier, as well as explanations of individual species and the design of the site.

Following the tour

(only April, June, and August)


Workshop: shaping trees
lebendes Holz formen.jpg
Individual Tour


Whether as a private tour or Buisiness-/ school trip: I will accompany you

into the world of living art and guide you through

the sculpture & furniture garden.


Up to 10 participants

Dates on request

Duration 2 - 3 hours

30, - € / pers.


I accept reservations for yet growing pieces and requests for the implementation or maintenance of projects after a tour.

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