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Last Saturday of the month

(Sep. - Feb. only every 2nd month)


Tour through the growing atelier
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Costs: 120,- € p.P.

reduced*: 100,- €

"You can Talk to the tree

Bend it! Break it!

You can Give it a hard twist...

...Cut the bark just to See

Graft it! Shape it!

but the tree is the artist!"

Would you like to learn how to shape trees?

In this workshop I will bring you closer to the art of treeshaping and guide you to create your own work of art out of growing wood. Not only you, but also the tree have an impact on the result.


In addition to a theoretical part, the practical application of some techniques and the maintenance of existing works are in the foreground. We can bend, break, kink and connect trees, and use living examples to accompany the process and the design options of growing art.


A previous tour or your own experience in treeshaping are required to participate.

Individual Workshop


Do you want to test your patience or that of your crew?

Write me, we will find an appointment.


Single, or up to 5 participants

Flexible duration

For food, accommodation,

dates & costs please request

additional mentoring inclusive

Tree Shaping Workshop

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